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Transforming Somerset & Dorset Rail Links

Jun 22, 2020

On behalf of Transforming Somerset & Dorset Rail Links;

Here is a short survey on cycling in the area which we hope you will complete. As we come out of COVID 19 lockown, we’d like to make improvements to the local cycling networks and your feedback will help us to make the improvements that are important for YOU to start cycling or to cycle more. Even if you don't cycle at all - perhaps you have a mobility issue that prevents you or perhaps you don't feel it's safe to go cycling with the children, we really want to hear from you.   It will take less than ten minutes and will help us to make the improvements that you need for cycling more. Your help is appreciated.


The attached map clearly shows the possibilities for transforming disused railways in Somerset into paths for walkers, cyclists, those with mobility issues and, where possible, horse riders. Here is a ONE QUESTION survey about transforming disused railways into multi-user paths.  Please let us know whether you are for or against and add any comments if you choose.  It will take less than a minute!  Thank you.


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