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Community Shop

Latest Developments

The result of the village referendum was a 2:1 vote for the new shop to be placed in the vicinity of the village hall. Permission for this has been granted by the Parish Council. The steering group are currently looking at options for units, but are proposing something similar to the below illustration which provides an idea of position and aesthetics.


Members of the community who are able to volunteer to help in the day to day running of the shop are vital. We are looking for anyone who may be able to assist us in any way, whether it be working in the shop, or providing any insight you have with retail or merchandising.

If you believe you can help us, please contact: communityshop@longsutton.org.uk 



We have decided to issue shares in what will be the Long Sutton Community Shop Ltd, a community benefit society. The advantage of share ownership is that donors stand a chance of getting their money back in the future. Shares in a community benefit society are not tradeable but may be redeemed after a set period if the company is in surplus and the board is in agreement.

Information regarding donations or the purchase of shares can be found here. 



If you require any further information, please contact the steering group at: communityshop@longsutton.org.uk

Alternatively, you can contact Nigel Stone (Chair)
Tel: 07798 672662
Email: Nigelspencer.stone@gmail.com

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