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Long Sutton Gardening Club

All meetings are held in the village hall on the second Wednesday of the month. The meetings start at 7.45pm. Visitors are charged £1 per person.

New members information.

Gardening ClubWe  meet once a month on the second Wednesday in the village hall. The meetings start at 7.45pm and we try to be as prompt as possible when starting.

Occasionally meetings are not in the hall, may start at a different time and sometimes you may need to arrive early in order to pay for something or buy a raffle ticket for example.
The yearly subscription entitles you to attend every event on the calendar for free except for the Flower Show, special events and trips.

The Gardening Club is an affiliated member of the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) entitling us to reduced rates when visiting certain gardens as a group.

We are members of the Gold Card Club of The Gardens Group which allows us to attend two organized (25%) discounted shopping trips at Brimsmore Garden Centre, Yeovil. We also receive discount twice yearly on bulbs and in January a discounted and home delivered order for soil, fertilizer, grit etc.

Kelways Garden Centre, Langport offers members a 10% discount on certain items on production of your membership card.

Overt Locke, Somerton offers members discount on certain items on production of your membership card.

As members of the Somerset Federation of Gardening Clubs we are insured for a variety of accidents and through this we also belong to a network of clubs throughout the Somerset area.

For most of the year we hold a Flower of the Month competition with a trophy awarded at the end of the year to the winner of the most points.

We expect all  members to volunteer for the variety of  jobs which need doing to  help make  the club  run smoothly for all  members.  Jobs such as helping with refreshments, getting the hall ready for meetings, the raffle etc.

Flower Show

The highlight of the calendar is the annual flower show. This event draws entries from throughout the village with a variety of categories including flowers, vegetables, cakes and biscuits, arts and crafts and many more.

The 2018 Schedule of Classes can be found here.


For the 2018 Calendar click here


Mrs. Heather Pomeroy
Tel: 01458 241737

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